PROSUMER+ 2750 PSI Pressure Washer

///PROSUMER+ 2750 PSI Pressure Washer

PROSUMER+ 2750 PSI Pressure Washer

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GX200 Honda Engine | 2750 PSI | 3 GPM

  • Tow & Stow Handle
  • GX200 Honda Engine
  • RCV Series AR Pump
  • 2750 PSI
  • 3 GPM
  • 50′ Blue Easy Coil Non-Marking Hose
  • Run Flat Tires & Stainless Steel Fittings

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If you are serious about tools but don’t need a full blown commercial unit, check out our 2750 PSI Pressure Washer – The Prosumer+. The extended frame is a true example of form following function. The Prosumer+ boasts a professional grade GX200 Honda Engine, bound to outlast anyone's to do list. Pair that with a triplex plunger pump with a solid brass head which kicks out an impressive 3 gallons per minute so you can move some serious dirt.

  • Integrated wand holder & hose storage baffles
  • GX200 Honda Engine
  • Tow & Stow Handle for Easy Transport
  • Solid Aluminum Frame, Light and Compact
  • AR RCV Triplex Plunger Series Pump Delivering 2700 PSI at 3 GPM
  • Quick Connect Fittings
  • 50' Easy Coil Non-Marking Hose


Prosumer+ Callout
  • RCV Triplex Plunger AR Pump with Built-in Unloader with Thermal Valve Pump Protection
  • GX200 Honda Engine
  • Integrated Wand Holder with Storage Baffles
  • 3700 PSI Gun with 36" Lance with Quick Connect
  • Run Flat Tires
  • Solid Aluminum Frame
  • 50‘ Non-Marking Hose with Quick Connect
  • Patented Tow & Stow Handle™


Design, Usability, Performance, Durability

  • Grab a hold of our Patented Tow & Stow Handle™ and don't worry about hitting your heels, pulling a muscle, or running over a hose.
  • Keep your hoses and wands stored in the integrated wand holder and hose baffle.
  • The rugged u-shaped design defends all of the Vortexx's vital parts against even the roughest user.
  • Our one-piece welded construction (made of precision laser cut aircraft grade aluminum) means you get a lightweight and rust free performance with no bolts to rattle lose.


AR Pumps North America

When we initially designed our product line, our goal was to make the best pressure washer available on the planet. So, we partnered with AR Pumps North America, the leader in the pump industry. We paired the RCV3G27D-F7 KIT Triplex Plunger Pump, with an upgraded, perfectly calibrated built in unloader to drive our 2750 PSI, 3 GPM Prosumer+ Pressure Washer.

Honda Engines

We doubled down and partnered with Honda Engines, the leader in their industry. We have continued to build our relationships and leverage their expertise to optimize our designs to include a Honda GX200-QX2 air-cooled, 4-stroke Engine.


Industry Leading Warranty

At Vortexx Pressure Washers our focus on quality doesn’t stop the day we sell you a pressure washer, so we go the extra mile to ensure your new purchase will work well for years to come. Opti-4 is a superior product produced by Interlube International Inc. Interlube is so confident in their products that they will double your Honda Engine Manufacturer’s Warranty on internal engine parts simply by purchasing and agreeing to use Opti-4 for the duration of the extended Warranty period.

Industry Leading Support

Have you ever tried to get something serviced at a box store? Have you ever bought something online, and had an expensive mess trying to ship it back? Vortexx Pressure Washers has the best independent dealer network available when it comes to pressure washers. Our local dealers are there to support you in the rare case something does break - they'll be stocked with parts and ready to work.

Additional information

Weight 99 lbs
Dimensions 38 × 21 × 21 in


Engine Warranty

Pump Warranty

Frame Warranty




13 reviews for PROSUMER+ 2750 PSI Pressure Washer

  1. Dan

    The Prosumer+ was a great purchase this summer. It’s done wonders on my deck as well as siding on my home. I should have bought it two years ago when I first saw it in my local garden center!

  2. Rocco

    This is my second season of ownership and I have to admit that this pressure washer is the best that I have ever owned. It meets all of my needs around the home. The quality and workmanship is outstanding; the unit is solid and manoeuvrable with ease. One of my favourite accessory is the rotojet turbo nozzle tip, it’s performance exceeds my expectations. Keep up the good work Vortexx.

  3. Max R

    Received my vx20304d prosumer+ 6-12-2015 set up was pretty easy, but the best part was using it today. I power washed a stone was that was about 85 feet by 4 feet which was moss and dirt covered. i used the yellow nozzle and cleaned the wall with in 3 hour. great machine very easy to use.. thx vortexx

  4. Jayson Westbrook

    I own a kayak outfitter and use a power washer several hours a day…..This is hands down the best one I have used to date. I love the frame, hose, engine, etc.
    The only problem I have it that the unit “walks” on me as I am power washing and it is a problem….They could use some sort of “kick stand” or “brake” for the thing…I am trying to figure out how to make one….any ideas?

  5. john atkinson

    Very solid built pressure washer, meets all our needs. would buy another one and recommend it to anyone. Good job Vortexx

  6. Billy Roberts

    This is by far the best pressure washer I have ever used. Very light weight and easy to get around. I love the stow away handle. It is well worth every dime of the price, and it is very evident that it is a well built machine, that I feel will last for many years.

  7. Jim

    Purchased the Prosumer+ and extremely pleased with this washer. Donated my old big box store washer that was only used several years. Was fooled by the fact that it had a Honda engine, but pump was worthless. Unable to rebuild. Much happier with the Prosumer+, well built, quality feel, quality components, smart design, and believe this is the last unit I’ll need to buy.

  8. Charles Press

    Purchased this pressure washer to replace one bought at a big box store. The old pressure washer died at the start of it’s third year. I decided that it would be worth a little extra money for a quality pressure washer. The parts used and the build of this washer are about as solid as you can get. Even though this was rated only slightly higher in terms of PSI and GPM, it does a MUCH better job than my old one and faster too. Very happy so far.

  9. Bill

    As the saying goes, you get what you pay for. I debated over a $300 unit at a box store but the quality just didn’t seem to be there. I’ve only used mine once, but I feel it’s well designed and built using a high quality engine and pump. Add the fact it’s built in the USA and it was a no brainer.

  10. James

    Ordered my unit online and received it quicker than expected. I have used it several hours so far without a hitch. Much more power than I’m accustomed to from the previous big-box store unit.

  11. Robert Press

    Great solid piece of equipment, love the cart design, started up right away. Very powerful, easy to use

  12. Jamie Vu

    I’m a machinist toolmaker and have been looking for a high quality pressure washer for a long time and finally run across this product online I was shock when see an excellent design like this. I mean how every things have put together solidly . I know right away this peace of equipment it made for people that have demanding for high quality like me.This is an excellent product

  13. Drew Caynor

    This a great unit,its so nice to find such a great product that meets or exceeds my expectations.The techline was very knowledgeable and able to answer all my questions and concerns i have experienced with inferior units. This a first class company and unit.

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