Mini-Matic 4B Unloader

///Mini-Matic 4B Unloader

Mini-Matic 4B Unloader

AR20888 Mini-Matic 4/B Unloader, bolt on design, internal by-pass system

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The Mini-Matic 4B Unloader features a bolt on design with internal by-pass system. Adjustable pressure releases pressure in pump head when in by-pass, protecting from over pressurization. Eliminates by-pass hose and fittings. Built-in chemical injector available. The molded plastic adjusting knob is designed for user comfort. Brass body with a stainless steel, plunger and spring, by-pass is aluminum. Designed for the AR XT – XM series pumps.

The spray gun and unloader make up a two-part valve system that directs water into the bypass and back to the pump or float tank. The spray gun shuts off the flow of water causing the unloader to re-circulate the water back into the inlet side of the pump. This is called sending the water to bypass. Pressure actuated unloaders are opened by the increase in pressure occurring when the valve in the spray gun is closed. Flow actuated valves send the water into bypass when flow drops.

This is a pressure actuated model. Includes a fixed 1.8 injector.


  • Maximum PSI: 2600
  • Maximum GPM: 3
  • Inlet: 1/2″ FPT
  • Outlet: 3/8″ MPT


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