Homeowner 2500 PSI Pressure Washer

///Homeowner 2500 PSI Pressure Washer

Homeowner 2500 PSI Pressure Washer

(12 customer reviews)

GC160 Honda Engine | 2500 PSI | 2 GPM

  • Tow & Stow Handle
  • GC160 Honda Engine
  • RMV Series AR Pump
  • 2500 PSI
  • 2 GPM
  • 25′ Blue Easy Coil Non-Marking Hose

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The Vortexx Homeowner 2500 PSI Pressure Washer is built for that serious do-it-yourself mentality. If your Saturday morning agenda occasionally includes items like power washing the siding on the house or cleaning the garage floor, then this is the Vortexx for you. It’s compact and light weight aluminum design means it is easy to store when you don’t need it, while it’s reliable Honda Engine and durable AR pump will always be ready when you are. Vortexx’s commitment to only use hi-grade materials also means you shouldn’t expect to find rust stains or random bolts on the garage floor for many years to come.
Every Homeowner 2500 PSI Pressure Washer comes with a 3000 PSI Gun with 19" Land Extension, and a 25' Blue Easy Coil Non-Marking High Pressure Hose.

  • Integrated wand holder & hose storage baffles
  • GC160 Series Honda Engine
  • Tow & Stow Handle for Easy Transport
  • Solid Aluminum Frame, Light and Compact
  • AR RMV Series Pump Delivering 2500 PSI at 2 GPM
Vortexx Homeowner 2500 PSI Pressure Washer in use.


Vortexx Homeowner 2500 PSI Pressure Washer feature call outs.
  • GC160 Honda Engine
  • RMV Series AR Pump with Built-in Unloader with thermal valve Pump Protection
  • Integrated Wand Holder
  • Pneumatic Tires
  • Solid, Aluminum Frame
  • 3000 PSI Gun with 19" Lance Extension with M22 Fittings
  • 25' Blue Easy Coil Non-Marking High Pressure Hose
  • Patented Tow & Stow Handle™

Vortexx Homeowner 2500 PSI Pressure Washer Patented Tow & Stow Handle™


Design, Usability, Performance, Durability

  • Grab a hold of our Patented Tow & Stow Handle™ and don't worry about hitting your heels, pulling a muscle, or running over a hose.
  • Keep your hoses and wands stored in the integrated wand holder and hose baffle.
  • The rugged u-shaped design defends all of the Vortexx's vital parts against even the roughest user.
  • Our one-piece welded construction (made of precision laser cut aircraft grade aluminum) means you get a lightweight and rust free performance with no bolts to rattle lose.


AR Pumps North America

When we initially designed our product line, our goal was to make the best pressure washer available on the planet. So, we partnered with AR Pumps North America, the leader in the pump industry. We paired the AR RMV2G25D Direct Drive Pump, with an upgraded, perfectly calibrated AR42118 Unloader to drive our 2500 PSI, 2 GPM Homeowner Pressure Washer.

Honda Engines

We doubled down and partnered with Honda Engines, the leader in their industry. We have continued to build our relationships and leverage their expertise to optimize our designs to include a Honda GC160-QHA air-cooled, 4-stroke Engine.

Vortexx Homeowner 2500 PSI Pressure Washer AR Pump.

Vortexx Pressure Washers Warehouse


Industry Leading Warranty

At Vortexx Pressure Washers our focus on quality doesn’t stop the day we sell you a pressure washer, so we go the extra mile to ensure your new purchase will work well for years to come. Opti-4 is a superior product produced by Interlube International Inc. Interlube is so confident in their products that they will double your Honda Engine Manufacturer’s Warranty on internal engine parts simply by purchasing and agreeing to use Opti-4 for the duration of the extended Warranty period.

Industry Leading Support

Have you ever tried to get something serviced at a box store? Have you ever bought something online, and had an expensive mess trying to ship it back? Vortexx Pressure Washers has the best independent dealer network available when it comes to pressure washers. Our local dealers are there to support you in the rare case something does break - they'll be stocked with parts and ready to work.

Additional information

Weight 69 lbs
Dimensions 29 × 18 × 21 in


Engine Warranty

Pump Warranty

Frame Warranty



12 reviews for Homeowner 2500 PSI Pressure Washer

  1. John

    Lit this engineering masterpiece off today 10/8/16 to wash my deck and vinyl siding! Wow! Ya’ll have to get you one of these! Sparkling clean! The power – Wow! Very Strong machine!

  2. Robert Graham

    Did a lot of research on manufacturers of pressure washers before making a purchase. I was concerned at paying more money for a Vortex that does the same thing that the cheaper manufacturers do. After reading that the Vortex offers a Honda engine, all aluminum frame, a repairable manifold, and an industrial grade hose and wand the extra money would be worth paying in the long run. So far, the Vortex pressure washer has performed flawlessly. However, the extended handle does need to be improved for easier hassle free moving

  3. Bill Koppelman

    I love the power washer. Powerful and compact. One issue I have is the handle to move the washer is too short. Need the handle to extend further

  4. Brad A

    Great Product. Does a wonderful job around the house.

  5. Bruce

    I own homeowner version of your pressure washer. It is excellent in all regards.

  6. Arthur kennedy

    Awesome pressure washer. Cant go wrong with anything powered by a honda small engine. Iv had this one for about a year now and i look for more things to clean every time i fire it up. Worth spending the extra money rather than going to the big box stores and getting a throw away brand

  7. Victor K

    My wife and kids gave me this as a Father’s Day gift…Wow!! Easy to start, easy to use, makes my old yellow electric washer look like a watering can! The aluminum frame is a brilliant touch as many of the pressure washers my father owned rusted out, and the pump tore loose from its base. This machine is built for durability and longevity. The engine is quiet and the hose is not a stiff, self- coiling monster like those bargain store units.

  8. Richard R

    Purchased a Homeowner Power Washer and it cleans our deck beautifully and easy to operate. It is made in the USA and better quality than the big box stores carry.

  9. Joe P

    I bought the 2500 home version it works awesome great power !!!!!!!!

  10. Daniel Brubaker

    Always had a sears power washer. There quality went south so started researching for a new one and it paid off. Works great on tough jobs and gentle for easy jobs.

  11. Ted S.

    I bought a new Ferris mower and was going to get a free pressure washer. You know what that usually means!! Well I got the homeowner model and let me tell you this, it’s NOT the normal freebee!! This is well built, runs great and has my house, vehicals and that new mower looking clean!! LOVE IT

  12. homeowner

    so much better than the home depot models available! Very happy with my new power washer!

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