50′ 4000 PSI Easy Coil Hose

///50′ 4000 PSI Easy Coil Hose

50′ 4000 PSI Easy Coil Hose


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50', Easy Coil Hose, 4000 PSI, 5/16″, with 3/8″ Quick Connects

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  • Light Weight: Efficient material usage reduces overall weight up to 30% less than equivalent hoses and allows for efficient use of engineered polymers.
  • Highly Flexible: Highly flexible materials result in a dynamic bend radius for CLEANSTREAM™ equivalent or better than wire braided rubber hoses, especially in cold weather.
  • Kink Resistance: High tensile strength steel wire braiding assures cut through and kink resistance just like standard rubber hoses and much better than textile yarn reinforced hose such as SAE100R7.
  • No Pinholes: The Schieffer CLEANSTREAM™ utilizes a special inner tube which reduces probability of pinholes inherent in equivalent mandrel built rubber hoses.
  • Cleanliness: Schieffer special manufacturing process effectively eliminates need to clean inner contamination which is sometimes an inherent byproduct of rubber hose manufacturing processes. Innertube will not erode, assuring long term cleanliness.
  • Flow Through: Super smooth inner tube is designed for less pressure loss for increased performance and efficiency at the nozzle creating max flow.
  • Unmatched Abrasion, Ozone, UV And Chemical Resistance: The proprietary high performance of the CLEANSTREAM™ cover is at least 5 times more abrasion resistant than equivalent rubber hose and also eliminates cracking caused by exposure to ultraviolet light (U.V.) ozone and chemical exposure, a common weakness for standard rubber hoses.


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