50′ 3100 PSI Easy Coil Hose

///50′ 3100 PSI Easy Coil Hose

50′ 3100 PSI Easy Coil Hose


50' 3100 PSI 5/16'' Easy Coil Hose with 3/8'' Quick Connects

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This 50′ 3100 PSI Easy Coil Hose is made with a rubberized thermoplastic blend, making it resistent to water and chemicals. Reinforced with dual-ply, high tenacity polyster, with ProPulse™ exclusive length stablizing technology. The abrasion resistant glossy polyurethane cover provides a low tack, low friction finish. In addition, high performance UberFlex technology makes the cover up to five times more resistance to abrasion compared to traditional PVC covered hoses.


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