3/8″ EZ Start Valve

///3/8″ EZ Start Valve

3/8″ EZ Start Valve


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The AR Annovi Reverberi AR4000-1 3/8″ EZ Start Valve allows relief of system pressure when starting a gasoline engine. The easy start valve is a low pressure bypass or relief valve, which directs water into bypass until a certain pressure is reached. Since water is directed to bypass in low pressure, the load on the pump, and consequently, the engine is less than the normal operating load and engine starting is eased. This AR Annovi Reverberi AR4000-1 EZ START VALVE can be especially useful in systems with larger gasoline engines, such as 8 hp or larger.


  • Inlet fitting
  • Valve ball and spring
  • Valve seat
  • Outlet fitting equipped with a low pressure hose barb
  • The inlet fitting has a hole drilled through it with a substantially smaller diameter than the inlet line


  • Maximum Flow: 5 GPM
  • Maximum Pressure: 5000 PSI
  • Maximum Temp: 300 deg. F.
  • Inlet: 3/8″ MPT
  • 1/4″ hose barb


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