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Professional Pressure Washers

The Vortexx series of Professional  Pressure Washers prove tough doesn’t have to be ugly. Vortexx has designed innovative features like cut-outs in the frame, and oil drain holes to make servicing easy. The tough, all-aluminum construction means these Pros will easily hold their own. At the core is a powerful and dependable 200cc or 390cc Honda GX Engine, mated to a professional grade AR Triplex Plunger Pump. Contrary to popular belief, all pumps are not created equal – Vortexx designers worked hand-in-hand with AR engineers.  We call it COOLFLO™ and it includes features like re-buildable unloaders, extra filters, 3’ long bypass hoses and thermal relief valves for ultimate pump protection.

VX20305D | VX230405D

  • 2950 – 4000 PSI
  • 3 – 4 GPM
  • GX200 or GX390 Honda Engine
  • 50’ Blue Easy Coil Non-Marking Hose
  • 4500 PSI Gun with 48” Lance with Quick Connects
  • CoolFlo™ Pump System
  • 6 Year Pump Warranty


Vortexx COOLFLO™ Pump Protection comes standard on all of our Professional Grade pressure washers. What is COOLFLO™? Vortexx understands that the pump is the most fragile part of a pressure washer so we engineer every commercial pump to be as durable as possible. COOLFLO™ is our process to do the opposite of cutting corners; we actually build pumps up to avoid common problems that plague pump manufactures.

We start with high quality AR Pumps and add every feature possible to make them even better. Commercial grade fittings, filters and connectors are just the start. We also use oversized external unloaders which protect against pump shock and can be serviced without taking the head of the pump apart. Lastly we add a 3ft. bypass hose that serves as a radiator to protect the pump against temperature fluctuations that can affect the life span of a pump. We back it all up with an unheard of 6 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty.