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Homeowner Pressure Washers

The Vortexx series of Homeowner Pressure Washers is built for that serious do-it-yourself mentality. If your Saturday mornings consist of projects like power washing the siding on your house, cleaning the garage floor, or washing off other heavy duty equipment, then this is the Vortexx model for you. Its compact and lightweight aluminum design means it’s easy to maneuver when you need it, and easy to store when you don’t. The reliable Honda Engine and durable AR pump mean it will be ready when you are. Vortexx’s commitment to only use hi-grade materials means you shouldn’t expect to find rust stains or random bolts on the garage floor for many years to come.

VX10101D | VX10202D

  • 2500 – 2700 PSI
  • GC160 or GC190 Honda Engine
  • 0 – 2.5 GPM
  • 25’ or 30’ Easy Coil Non-Marking Hose
  • Standard Thermal Valve Pump Protection
  • Quick Connect Fittings and Upgraded Gun Assembly (model VX10202D)