Pressure Washer Accessories

At Vortexx Pressure Washers, we know having the right pressure washer accessories can make all the difference. That’s why we aim to provide the best pressure washer accessories to pair with your pressure washer. Our custom, low-center-of-gravity hose reel mounts will keep your hose neatly coiled up, without risk of tipping over your machine. Turn your pressure washer into a water vacuum to clean up sludge, manure, septic tanks, pools and more.  Our Turbo Foamer makes utilizing soap a breeze, spreading dense foam over a large surface quickly and easily. We offer a full line of accessories including nozzles, high pressure hoses, spray guns, and lances. Additionally, Vortexx Pressure Washer provides a full line of AR Pumps and Pump Kits, Repair Kits, and Hardware – for professional users who choose to do repairs themselves. Find the right accessories for you to increase efficiency and performance.

  • Dual Gun Operated 20" Stainless Steel Surface Cleaner with 16" Broom and 45° Edge Cleaners
  • The Vortexx Hose Reel attachment provides convenient storage for your pressure washer hose.

  • In only seconds this simple, trouble free sludge pump accessory (WITH NO MOVING PARTS) will turn your pressure washer into a trash pump (picking up debris up to 3/4”).

  • The ARROTARY 20 20SS 20" Stainless Steel Heavy Duty Surface Cleaner is ideal for cleaning large surfaces easily and evenly in a fraction of the time

  • Our 16" 4-Nozzle Deck Cleaner is perfect for cleaning decks and more! Clean faster by covering more surface area with each swipe.
  • This 2900 PSI High Pressure Foamer Lance attachment allows you to produce wet foam which allows more efficient use of chemical solutions.

  • The ARROTARY-14 14" High-Speed Rotary Surface Cleaner is built with heavy duty anodized aluminum components, designed to last.
  • AR 18' Pressure Washer Wand Extension - Reach up to 2 stories with your feet on the ground! Note: For the Homeowner,  Electric Prosumer, and Electric Professional, a Plug Adapter is required.