Starting a pressure washing business may seem like a daunting task. And it certainly can be. Follow Vortexx’s 5 Steps to Starting a Pressure Washing Business, and you’ll be on the right path!

Step 1: Business Basics

Before starting your business, you need to determine if it makes sense to add a service the service to your existing business or if you to start from scratch. Although a pressure washer business isn’t terribly capital intensive, you will need some funding to get started. If you are starting from scratch you will want need to determine what type of business to create. Sites like can steer you in the right direction. You will also need to invest in equipment, insurance, marketing, supplies, etc. Having a solid estimate of how much you need is crucial before starting a business.

Step 2: Equipment

When starting a pressure washing business, the two most important pieces of equipment are a vehicle and a pressure washer. You will need a vehicle that can carry your equipment safely and successfully – we suggest a truck or van, but trailers will also do the trick.

When searching for the right pressure washer, you want a powerful and highly dependable power washer that will last. Many times start-up businesses try to cut corners to try to save money by buying an inexpensive pressure washer at a box store. You need to ask yourself a few important questions:

1) If this pressure washer breaks in the middle of a job what am I going to do?
2) Who is going to service it?
3) Where do I get parts?
4) Should I buy one that is designed to last longer in the first place?

Starting a Pressure Washing Business - Equipment

One of the best pressure washers for commercial use is the Vortexx Professional 4000. The Professional 4000 has a powerful GX390 Honda Engine, with an RR Series AR Pump. This Professional Pressure Washer can produce a stout 4000 PSI at 4 gallons per minute and comes with Vortexx COOLFLO™ technology. The Professional 4000 also comes with up to a 6-year engine warranty and a 5-year pump warranty. As well as Vortexx’s unmatched lifetime frame warranty.

Vortexx Pressure Washers offers a huge variety of pressure washers. Check out our in-depth Pressure Washer Buying Guide for more insight in choosing the right equipment to start a pressure washing business.

Step 3: Accessories

Don’t forget the accessories! Many people don’t realize how many accessories are available. They range from simple nozzles to large surface cleaners to a sludge pump to sand blast attachments. These accessories can cut your work load by up to 80%. Vortexx sells every accessory you need to have a successful pressure washing business. When it comes to chemicals and soaps, knowing what works well with a certain type of surface is crucial. The most common cleaners to have in the residential services are concrete cleaner, house wash and gutter cleaner.

Vortexx also offers a Business Startup Kit – a complete kit to jump start your pressure washing business. This kit comes with a 20″ Rotary Surface Cleaner, 4 Nozzle, 16″ Deck Cleaner Broom, Turbo Nozzle, Gutter Cleaner Kit, and two 12″x18″ Truck Magnets.

Step 4: Experience and Training

If you do not have any experience with power washing, get busy cleaning your house, you will be amazed at how many things there are to clean that can turn into business offerings to your clients. If you want additional guidance on how to properly operate your equipment, there are optional professional training courses you can take. These courses will show you how to correctly use your equipment, and will also show you how to promote and market your business.

You can also check out Vortexx’s own how-to videos for tips, tricks, and our favorite accessories. Along with our how-to articles on How-To Pressure Wash a Deck, and How-To Clean Exterior Siding with a Pressure Washer.

Step 5: Advertising and Marketing

In order to achieve success, you have to be able to properly promote your business. One of the easiest ways of advertising your company is by putting your company’s phone number, name and logo on your work vehicle or using a magnet like the one offered in the Vortexx Start-Up kit. Also, having a website shows a level of professionalism that people have come to expect. Another good tip is to always have your website domain name prominently displayed on all of your invoices, business cards, and other paperwork. Lastly, you can also advertise through flyers, notecards, newsletters and digital sources like Google pay per click ads. All of which, will help you increase your client base quickly.

To get you started on your way to a successful Pressure Washing business, we did some of the research for you! Based on National averages, we recommend the following pricing for your services. Of course, these prices will vary depending on where you live, and the complexity of the project. A good rule of thumb is to price your services at ~$100/hour.

At those prices, you can have your Vortexx Pressure Washer paid off in no time! Plus, Vortexx now offers 24 months special financing, so you can get your business started with no money up front! What are you waiting for? Find your local Vortexx Dealer to get started!

Item Cost
Fences $250
Home Exteriors $325
Driveways $215
Patios/Decks $340

Do you own a pressure washing business? Have you added pressure washing services to an existing landscaping or cleaning business? Comment below and tell us about your experience, share tips and tricks, or let us know about YOUR favorite pressure washer accessory!