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Pressure Washer Buying Guide

You have a beautiful house and garden, but keeping them that way is a constant chore! In the past, hardcore machinery such as sand blasters and steam cleaners were used to keep challenging exteriors looking sharp, but those methods are loud, inconvenient and potentially dangerous. Sure… a hose, a little detergent and some elbow grease will help, but a pressure washer takes the pain out of most any cleaning task. In short, a good pressure washer makes hard jobs easy…and even fun!

Well-designed pressure washers exert tremendous force, so it’s important to use the right one for the right job. These pressure washers use pumps powered by either electric motors or gas engines. Water enters the machine at low pressure; then the pump drives the water through a small nozzle and a spray top or hose at very high pressure. The water that’s ejected is powerful enough to efficiently clean most anything outdoors. Although many models allow you to alter the intensity of pressure, an incorrectly adjusted nozzle can spray water at a pressure high enough to damage the surfaces you wanted to clean.

In the world of gas powered pressure washers, it can be easy to get overwhelmed. It’s important to understand how pressure (pounds per square inch, or PSI), and flow (gallons per minute, or GPM) work together to create cleaning power.

Pounds per Square Inch (PSI) PSI measures water pressure. In other words, PSI measures the cleaning force of water created through water pressure. Use the PSI rating to determine how powerful the water stream from your pressure washer will be.

Gallons per Minute (GPM) GPM measures water flow, or the volume of water delivered through your pressure washer. Use the GPM rating to determine how quickly and effectively your pressure washer will clean debris.

Cleaning Units (CU) A Cleaning Unit is, quite simply, PSI multiplied by GPM. Cleaning Units give buyers a simple measure of unit efficiency to compare one unit to another.

So which one is right for you? Well, it depends on the type of cleaning you want to do.

Homeowner Pressure Washers

If you have a serious do-it-yourself mentality, look no further than the Vortexx Homeowner Series. Built for Saturday mornings consisting of projects like power washing the siding on your house, or cleaning the garage floor, then this is the Vortexx model for you. Its compact and lightweight aluminum design means it’s easy to maneuver when you need it, and easy to store when you don’t. The reliable Honda Engine and durable AR pump mean it will be ready when you are.

Because of Vortexx’s commitment to only use hi-grade materials, your Vortexx pressure washer won’t leave rust stains and random bolts on the garage floor like other units. With features like thermal valve protection, an Easy Coil Non-Marking Hose, and a gun and lance included – you’ll be feeling like a professional in no time!

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Prosumer Pressure Washers

If you’re serious about tools but don’t need a full blown commercial unit, check out our Prosumer models. The extended frame is a true example of form following function. The Honda GX200 Commercial Engine will outlast anyone’s to do list.

Our Prosumer unit boasts an upgraded axial pump generating 2.5 gallons per minute of flow and 2700 PSI. Or, step it up a notch with the Prosumer+, featuring an RCV Series Triplex Plunger Pump with Built-in Unloader and Thermal Valve Pump with a solid brass head. Either way, our Prosumer series is ready to move some dirt.

Professional Pressure Washers

The Vortexx Professional series Pressure Washers prove tough doesn’t have to be ugly. Innovative features like cut-outs in the frame and oil drain holes make servicing easy. The tough, all-aluminum construction means these Pros can handle many years of hard use.

At the core is a powerful and dependable 200cc or 390cc Honda GX Series Engine and a professional grade AR Triplex Plunger Pump. Contrary to popular belief, all pumps are not created equal – Vortexx designers worked hand-in-hand with AR engineers. We call it CoolFlo™ and it’s the opposite of cutting corners. Most noteworthy are features like re-buildable unloaders, extra filters, 3’ long bypass hoses and thermal relief valves for ultimate pump protection.