What is CoolFlo™? Vortexx understands that the pump is the most fragile part of a pressure washer. We’ve engineered every commercial pump to be as durable as possible. CoolFlo™ is our process to do the opposite of cutting corners. We actually build pumps up to avoid common problems that plague pump manufactures. Our designers worked hard with AR Engineers to develop built-in features unlike any other pressure washer on the market. Vortexx CoolFlo™ Pump Protection comes standard on all of our Professional Grade pressure washers.

Starting with high-quality Anno Reverberi triplex pumps, we add every feature possible to make them even better. Next, we add commercial grade, stainless steel fittings, filters, and connectors. We use oversized external commercial-grade unloaders which protect against pump shock. External unloaders can also be serviced without taking the head apart. Finally, we add a 3-foot bypass hose to protect the pump against temperature fluctuations that can affect the lifespan of the pump. All of this because we know the most vital part of performance is reliability.

Finally, we back it all up with an unheard of 6 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty.

CoolFlo Pump Protection
CoolFlo Pump Protection
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