Everyone likes their homes to be sparkling, but it’s not the inside only that needs soap and water. Clean exterior siding can increase curb appeal, quickly and easily. Follow our tips and tricks on how to get clean exterior siding using a Vortexx Pressure Washer. Add in a few of our favorite accessories and you’ll be amazing at how easily you can get clean exterior siding! Not sure which pressure washer is best for your needs? Check out our handy Pressure Washer Buying Guide to get started!

How to Clean Exterior Siding with a Pressure Washer

Step 1.

How to Clean Exterior Siding with a Pressure Washer

First, understand that different types of exterior siding require different detergents, so use the special solutions as per instructions. Before embarking on a cleaning spree, first repair any damaged siding. This is regardless of whether it is vinyl, aluminum, fiber cement, wood, stucco or brick and stone siding. It is wiser not to wash lead paint. Consider using an extension wand or lance to make your pressure washing easier and keep you off of the ladder. If you do use a ladder, remember: pressure that is exerted when you pull the trigger can be enough to topple a ladder!

Step 2.

Before starting, make sure to shut of the electricity to open outlets and cover light fittings if applicable. Don’t forget to close all of your windows and doors. You don’t want the inside of your home looking like tornado struck it! Don’t forget to protect your eyes and you’re ready to go.

Step 3.

Attach the hose to the machine and start it up. Get a siphon into the soap solution and fix on the soaping nozzle. You can also save a lot of time working by using a turbo foamer attachment. This attachment will work much better to distribute chemicals and can easily reach the second or 3rd floor of a home. Work your way up starting at the bottom for this will prevent the soapy solution from running down the siding. Apply the detergent to one side of the home and allow 5-10 minutes to elapse before washing it down to clean away all the grime and dust. Only use solvents that are approved for pressure washer use – other solvents could damage your pressure washer, and may not be environmentally safe.

How to Clean Exterior Siding with a Pressure Washer

Step 4.

Change the pressure washer nozzle to the 25-degree nozzle or 40-degree nozzle to rinse off your siding. Maintain a distance of at least 1 foot away, and commence washing from the top working your way to the bottom. Remember that the lance or wand must be held in a direction that’s perpendicular to the siding. Once you’re done with one side of the house, move to the other side and repeat the process. In just a few hours you will have beautifully clean exterior siding.

How to Clean Exterior Siding with a Pressure Washer

A few words of caution—when you’re washing aluminum siding don’t spray up under the panel overlaps. For wood siding, be sure to wet the surface before applying the detergent. Treat brick siding with a light spray to ensure that no detergent buries itself deep in the brick.

Clean exterior siding not only looks good but will protect the vinyl siding on your house for years to come.

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