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Your existing pressure washer is not giving you the outcomes you’re expecting? Does it leave a coat of grime on the exterior after you clean it for hours? Get extra spray power out from your pressure washer in a very simple way. Change the nozzle!
Vortexx is here to help you choose the right pressure washer nozzle to get the wash you wish for. Diverse style of nozzles offers you a different amount of cleaning pressure. Some of them are rotary nozzles, quick connect nozzles, soap nozzles and lot more!

Know more about different types of nozzles for cleaning applications, and choose the right pressure washer nozzle for you.

choose the right pressure washer nozzle

Quick-Connect Nozzles

These are the most common type of nozzle and are just as they sound, easily connected and easy usage. Quick connect nozzles have five different degrees of application that are used for washing different surfaces. Each nozzle is color coded and is easy to connect. The quick connect nozzle is actually the way that pump companies intend you to adjust the pressure and flow of your pressure washer. By simply changing these nozzles you can greatly change rate of water flow and pressure your machine develops.

Degrees of Cleaning

  • 0° Red-Nozzle – Used for blasting hard to clean substances like tar, caked mud, stubborn stains, glue, etc. Be careful to not get too close to delicate surfaces with this nozzle.
  • 15° Yellow-Nozzle – Used for removing grime from farm equipment or construction, paint preparation, to get rid of growth from marine equipment and boats, etc.
  • 25° Green-Nozzle – Used for normal washing/cleaning to remove common dirt, mud and stain from surfaces.
  • 40° White-Nozzle – Used for rinsing and light cleaning of windows, roofs, automobiles, boats etc.
  • Black Nozzle – Uses a lower PSI and wider spray for soap application. This nozzle actually works with the chemical application tube to create a siphon effect and draw the chemicals/soaps into the pressure washer’s stream. This nozzle can be used for application wax and soap, rinsing needs, and gives a standard maximum force of 500 PSI.

Rotary Nozzles or Rotary Turbo Nozzles

choose the right pressure washer nozzle

Rotary Nozzles (sometimes referred to as Turbo Nozzles) can have up to ten times the cleaning power of a normal pressure washer nozzle. They offer a powerful, circular motion wash, by rotating a zero-degree at high speed. Because it spins around in a small diameter, it gives superior blasting power. These nozzles are used for stains or stubborn dirt, paint prep, paint stripping wall cleaning, and much more. New to the market is the Rotary Deck Cleaning nozzle. This nozzle also uses a zero-degree nozzle, but its spinning action fans the water jet to make it less harsh on the surface it is cleaning. The Rotary Deck Cleaning Nozzle is ideal for cleaning more delicate or porous surfaces like wood where deep cleaning is needed to remove dirt, but too much blasting will cause damage to the surface.

Sewer Jet Nozzles

These are used to clear out drains, clogged pipes etc. They work by sending one water stream forward to break up clogs and several streams back to blast debris away. They can be used with cold or hot pressure washers.


Choosing the right pressure washer nozzle for cleaning applications will lessen your cleaning time and increases your washing ability. A simple nozzle change could make your less powerful pressure washer into a high pressured cleaning machine.

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  1. Cindy Tesler December 9, 2016 at 6:13 pm - Reply

    I liked your tip to choose a pressure washer that is compatible with quick-connect nozzles. More specifically you said that this is the most common type of nozzle. I think it’s a good idea to choose a pressure washer that is light enough to be maneuverable and also has a long extension cord.

    • admin December 9, 2016 at 6:16 pm - Reply

      Cindy – we agree, a maneuverable pressure washer is invaluable! Check out our line of Electric Pressure Washers – both are built with our industry first cart-to-carry conversion so you get the best of both worlds.

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