Father’s Day Gift Guide

At Vortexx Pressure Washers, we know having the right pressure washer accessories can make all the difference. That’s why we aim to provide the best pressure washer accessories to pair with your pressure washer. This year, get dad a gift to help him get the job done faster, and more efficiently. Help him turn [...]

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How to Choose the Right Pressure Washer Nozzle

Your existing pressure washer is not giving you the outcomes you’re expecting? Does it leave a coat of grime on the exterior after you clean it for hours? Get extra spray power out from your pressure washer in a very simple way. Change the nozzle! Vortexx is here to help you choose the right pressure [...]

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How-To: Clean Exterior Siding

Everyone likes their homes to be sparkling, but it’s not the inside only that needs soap and water. Clean exterior siding can increase curb appeal, quickly and easily. Follow our tips and tricks on how to get clean exterior siding using a Vortexx Pressure Washer. Add in a few of our favorite accessories and [...]

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How to: Pressure Wash a Deck

One of the main issues homeowners have attempting to pressure wash a deck for the first time is that they often do more harm than good. Homeowners expect that more pressure is better, which often leaves deep and unsightly damage on each pass of the wand. With each new detrimental mark, people tend to [...]

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