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How to Choose the Perfect Pressure Washer

In the world of gas power washers it is very important to understand how pressure (PSI- Pounds per Square Inch) and flow (GPM – Gallon Per Minute) work together to create the best cleaning power. At Vortexx we have optimized our top rated gas power washers to balance the best of both worlds and provide the perfect rating for the application. Many small electric units will advertise high PSI, but will not talk about the very low GPM rating. These machines will blast away at a dirty surface and remove dirt but in a very focused fashion. The best analogy would be painting a room with a magic marker vs. a large paint brush or a roller – all will get the job done, but the better your tool, the faster the job will be finished. Here you will find some of the best rated gas power washers on the market.

Homeowner Line

These gas powered pressure washers for personal use are built for that serious do-it-yourself mentality. The right combination of PSI and GPM, nozzles, attachments, and cleaning solutions will allow you to wash siding and windows, walkways, driveways, patios, decks, fences, and more. We offer various models fit for personal use including the Homeowner and Homeowner+.

Prosumer Line

If you are looking for a gas power pressure washer focused on home use, but have been spoiled with using the best tools everyday on the job and don’t need a purely professional unit in your garage then one of our Prosumer units are for you. Our Prosumer models have been upgraded with GX Commercial Grade Honda Engines and pumps with longer life expectancy. These units are great for big and small jobs including cleaning tar, gum, or stubborn stains from concrete, removing rust from steel, removing marine growth from boats, and more! Our Prosumer line consists of the Prosumer and Prosumer+.

Professional Line

Vortexx offers a full line of commercial grade gas power washers. The tough U-shaped cart construction ensures that any model in the PRO series will hold its’ own through every day heavy duty use. This line of pressure washers boasts greater pressure (PSI), water flow (GPM) and horse power (HP) as well as overbuilt pumps that are meant to log thousands of hours on the job. Applications include removing paint from wood, masonry or metal, eliminating stubborn grease or dirt from equipment, wiping out heavy mildew stains, and more. Our Pro line consists of the Professional 3000, Professional 4000, PRO+ Gear Drive, and PRO+ Belt Drive.

Before you decide which power washer to buy, determine which grade you fall into:

The best way to test the quality of a pressure washer is by the CU (Cleaning Units). The simple math is PSI x GPM = CU. As an example the Vortexx Prosumer+ has 2750 PSI and 3 GPM which equals 8,250 CU. A simple electric unit may advertise 2750 PSI but only have 1 GPM and not be very powerful at all.

*To qualify for the extended warranty you must purchase a supply of Opti-4 oil, follow the oil change requirements as defined in your Honda Engine Manual and always use Opti-4 for the duration of the extended warranty period. Honda engine standard warranty will still apply (GC Series- 2 years, GX Series- 3 years) if you choose not to use Opti-4 oil.